Enamel Pin Cat Tote Bag-Black

Made by Squeak

Have you ever wanted to display your pins on a tote bag, but the stuff inside kept bumping into the backs and pulling the pins off? Or maybe your pins would fall off cause they weren't securely on the bag?

Well this bag solves both those problems! ✨ I have included an extra flap behind the front of the bag, just to keep your pin backs away from the rest of the stuff in the bag! I also offer the bag in black and white, and you have the option to bundle it with 20 locking pin backs that will ensure your pins don't fall off! It's a little extra cost but totally worth it!

On the other hand, you can just carry this bag with no pins, and have a convenient pocket at the front! Either way works and looks great! 🐱

The bag measures 14.5" x 12.5" x 2.5" so there's plenty of space for a laptop or tablet. Bag does not come with the pins in the picture!

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