The Sticky Witch enamel pin

The Pickety Witch

 I’ll tell ye a tale of a sticky old friend

Is his tale a myth? Well that would depend!

For you see, this fellow is unlike no other!

He has a magic that leaves many in quite the wonder.

He comes from a place that no one dare speak of!

It holds curses and demons that it just can’t shake free of.

The land is decayed and the flowers are withered

There hasn’t been sunshine since the hundred-year blizzard.

The creatures stay hidden amongst nooks and caves

The waters are murky, forever unsaved

That is, until, our magic frog friend

Takes to his broom and begins to transcend.

When he sets upon his broom and into the sky

He casts his spell unto those nearby.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes below

Begin to sparkle in the glimmer of his great shadow

Beneath his broom, flowers flourish and sprout

Animals and creatures start dancing about

This place that was rotten just moments ago

Took to his magic, and started to glow.

The trees start to sway and the wind starts to sing

What enchantment this little frog creature can bring!

The land becomes joyous, the waters now swish,

Tis the magic of our friend, the Sticky Witch.


Named After Beloved Gandalf

Style: Hard enamel 

Size: 2.25''

Metal: Black Nickel / Silver

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