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Welcome to Brat Box Shop. Your destination for RAD pins, patches and small goods from the world's most awesome artists. Help us in supporting the cool creatives out there by purchasing something today.

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Brat Box is a community that cultivates and promotes a following of bad-asses that aren't afraid to express themselves no matter what their interests. This is true for all BRATS, artists and shoppers alike. Because of this philosophy you'll see we feature a very diverse set of pins and patches. Humans are multi-dimensional and cannot be defined by one slice on a demographic pie chart which is why we curate by themes. Whether you're into nostalgia, grim life, kawaii cute, quirk, girl power or maybe any or all of them depending on the month, we just care about one thing. Whenever and whatever you do always be unapologetically you. Support independent artists.


Brat Box is the creme de la creme of pin and patch clubs. In fact, we are the ONLY pin and patch club out there. We offer a subscription service where members get a curated box of pins, patches and artist content delivered straight to their door every month. Surprised monthly. Enjoyed daily.

Simply put, Brat Box was created to help spread the word about independent artists by creating an awesome customer experience that made collecting pins and patches even more exciting, and well... easier.


There's a big resurgence of independent artists transferring their artwork into wearable goods like pins and patches. Now, illustrators, graphic designers, cartoonist and even tattoo artists have a medium to make their work accessible for mass audiences. This has spawned a big (and highly engaged) community of pin and patch heads that are now able show support for their favorite artists without having to spend loads of money on prints that noone will ever see.


They're an awesomely easy, affordable and addicting way to add some personal flair to the everyday. And it’s becoming quite the fashion trend as style bloggers and celebrities have been seen sporting their pieces of flair by making big statements on leather jackets, bags, beanies and denim.


We lose a lot of the physical world to the internet these days. We share, and tag our friends in funny memes and create our zeitgeist of pop cultural references, but these tokens of recognition seem fleeting. A majority of the work that has been emerging is a reflection of our times. Each piece designed as a way to represent parts of our personalities, but in a 3-D form that you can touch, wear, collect and gift! But CAUTION: starting a collection can lead to addiction.


We're glad you asked! We work with independent artist to curate you a box of pins and patches that’ll you’ll love each month. Since we want your pin and patch collection to represent what you love we’ll ask you to choose specific themes each month to help us get it right. To start a membership, choose a plan, and last but certainly not least, we’ll send you a txt/email three to four weeks before each box ships so you can choose a theme for the month. Once we’ve finished curating you the perfect selection of pins and patches we’ll ship them straight to your door beautifully packaged featuring content about each artist.

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Located in Brooklyn, New York. Email help@bratbox.co to say what's up.