Membership Loyalty Benefits and Perks

Members get more benefits than just the box!

As a Brat Box member you'll get: 

1) A curated Brat Box of artist designed pins and/or patches and stickers based on your chosen monthly theme (3 new themes each month).

2) Exclusive discounts on awesome add-ons for your monthly box like pennants, tees, prints, accessories and additional pin and patches. You'll be able to redeem during theme selection.

3) Every order you placed in Shop.BratBox.Co you'll get up to 20% off plus free or discounted shipping!

4) Bonus Loyalty Awards: At 4, 8 and 12 month in your box you'll get awarded free special exclusively designed for loyal Brat Box member pins/patch to signify how long you've been a member. The loyalty levels are Pinteresting (4 months) Flair Affair (8 months) and Pinlightnened (12 months).

5) One item trade-in for every four months you're a member. 

6) Access to our Facebook Brat Box group where all Brats are having a laugh, talking shop about pins and patches and even setting up TRADES (

Getting your shop member discounts of 20% OFF and free shipping!
When you sign up for a Brat Box subscription plan within a few hours of sign up you'll get an email invite to create your member account for If you haven't received this email invite please email 
After you receive the invite just click to activate your account. Now, whenever you want to shop just remember to first log into your account for the shop by clicking the profile icon in the top red navigation bar. After you sign in you'll know you've unlocked member pricing because all products will have "YOUR PRICE" tagged on them. 



Loyalty Pin Awards! 

At 4, 8 and 12 months you'll be awarded a free exclusively-designed-for -Brat Box member pin or patch in your box! These pins are a token of appreciation from us and our artist friends to say that we appreciate your support. The loyalty levels are Pinteresting (4 months) Flair Affair (8 months) and Pinlightnened (12 months) . When you get one of these awards you should feel pretty special, only the most loyal Brat Box members will ever have these designs. 


The longer you're a BRAT the better it gets!

As a member you'll also get incentives like pin trade-ins the longer you're signed up. 

(Loyalty program started Jan 1, 2017. Any active months prior do not count towards your rewards.)

Pin Trade-In Program

For every 4 months you’re a member you get one trade in.

  • - Pins and patches selected must be equal or lesser value than the pin you’re trading in. All pins must be available in Shop.BratBox.Co.


  • - Pin or patch must be in original condition, not worn or scratched, with original packaging


  • - Trade-ins do not roll over or accumulate.


  • - You must be an active paying subscriber to use your trade in.


  • - The member is required to pay for shipping the pin back to Brat Box. But we’ll cover the shipping to you!

How it works

When you’ve earned a trade-in just email Help@BratBox.Co with the picture of the pin or patch you’re wanting to trade in and a link to the pin or patch from that you’d like !

Once your trade in is confirmed by Brock via email I’ll send you a special trade-in discount code to ship it to back to the BRAT CAVE.


Trade-in Shipping Address

1241 S St. Bernard St
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Once I receive your trade-in pin or patch, or if you provide me with a tracking link showing the package in-transit I’ll ship out your new item immediately.