Creepy Lippy pin


My hand slipped, knocking over an exposed tube of lipstick which much to my chagrin, rolled beneath my vanity. I immediately dropped to my knees and lowered my head - squinting at the dark space, I searched among the tufts of dust for my wayward tube until a soft glint of gold, lining its rim twinkled at me from its new resting place.

Blindly I turned my head to the side and leaned lower so that I could wedge my arm beneath the hem of the table to feel around for my lipstick. A moment later and I sighed in relief when my fingers grazed its enamel.

Sitting up, I turned  the violet tube over in my grasp and blew across it to clear the dust and hair which now collected on its surface and to my horror, made literal eye contact with something that had not been there before; an eye, as large as my own. It turned and twisted, seeming to  study my lips with an air of familiarity. How strange. How...creepy.

I could not toss the thing now that it had seemingly imprinted itself on me. No. That would be akin to throwing a part of myself away...and I’m afraid my vanity prevents me from doing just that.


Size: 1.5”

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