Yin Yang Cat iron-on patch

Ripplesplash Studio

Cute Yin and Yang cat embroidered patch ✤✤2.87 x 3 inches✤✤

Adorable 100% embroidered patch. Very unique and original design, done by two artists based in Montreal Canada :)


** Make sure the surface you want to put the patch on is iron-safe. And both the surface and back of the patch are dust-free and clean.**

1 - Lay a thin cloth over the patch (patch facing up)
2 - Heat the iron to 400F (or cotton setting).
3 - Iron firmly for 30-45 sec, in a slow circular motion, and then flip the garment inside out and repeat the ironing on this side for 30-45 sec.
4 - Wait for a couple of minutes for the patch to cool down and if the edges could be lifted, repeat the ironing steps.

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